Moved by Creation



Moved by Creation

By Joanna Shumaker


The sky was the brightest blue I had ever seen, and scattered throughout the blue expanse was a collage of clouds, almost as white as bleached sheets on the clothesline. The sun made the edges of the clouds have a gold lining, and for a moment, I could picture what heaven must be like. I breathed a sigh… a happy, contented sigh; the kind you have when all the world is right.


Into my reverie, jumped reality as my husband swerved to miss a car which had suddenly put its brakes on; in the back seat, my children got louder as they bickered over who could have the last soda in the cooler, and I realized we still had 10 hours to go on our trip! But for that one moment in time, I was transported into the grandness of God, and His creation.


God has a way of reminding us of his grandeur, strength, and beauty. He created this grand universe we live in, and yet, He takes care of the smallest of details that swirl around our daily lives. When the details of life are louder than the beauty of God, we have lost sight of what is really important.  God is in control and He will take care of the details and struggles of this present life.


 In the “Cure for Anxiety” passage in Matthew 6:32, it says, “for your Heavenly Father knows that you need all of these things.”  The key words in this passage that should calm our hearts are: Father, knows, and all. We often view him as the Great Creator, Wonderful Savior, Almighty Being, but not as the caretaker of the money for leaky roof, the oil change, and the kid’s braces. When Ecclesiastes 12:1 says, “Remember now your Creator…,” it has much more meaning.  When we put Matthew 6 together with Ecclesiastes 12, we need to remember that God, the Creator is also God, the Provider of all that we need, even if it is seemingly insignificant. 


Today, as you view God’s Creation, let it remind you of His greatness and ultimately, His  provision for you.


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