Guest Contributor – Kris Geer


Yesterday I saw a woman without a face… My friends and I walked past her on our way to lunch. She had a disease that made her skin on her face continue growing when it should have stopped.  Her cheeks sagged near her shoulders, and where her eyebrows should have been hung down past her mouth.  You only saw shadows where her eyes should have been.  She was sitting on the curb near the train station selling little trinkets trying to earn some money. 

At lunch we ordered pizza, a short break from Thai food. I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember what my heart felt.  Frank, a missionary at The Well, had just talked about outreach with us and how every man and women in the Red Light District has a piece of God in them because they are made in the image of God.  So as I sat at lunch I tried to see God in this woman… 

I felt like God was asking me to go back and give something to the woman, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to give her.  When God does things like this sometimes I try to ignore Him, but He’s stubborn, and keeps prodding me. So, I decided to give her some Bahts (Thai money) but I didn’t want to just give her money…  I wondered if anyone had ever told her that she was precious… not just when she gets healed or has surgery, but now, today, she is precious.  Since I didn’t know Thai that well I asked Jubb, my Thai friend, to translate a note I wrote on a piece of paper to her.

After lunch we walked back the way we came.  I found the woman and knelt down to say “sawadekai.”  The first time I saw her I didn’t know what to think, I saw a person who often is called “ugly” and makes others uncomfortable.  But as I squeezed her hand she lifted her head and I saw her half hidden smile… and it was beautiful.  I may have given this woman a note and some baht, but she gave me back a much more precious gift… she gave me back my heart.

In high school I worked at camp and I loved giving to other people.  It could be time, money, cleaning, babysitting – if I had it to give, I wanted to help them out.  It was just how God wired me to love.  But in my sophomore year of college I made some bad choices and found some wrong friends. I found out real quickly life is hard and hearts get hurt.  After that I lived guarded and some days more broken than I wanted to admit.  I stopped easily trusting and freely loving others.

But yesterday at lunch it was as if the Spirit of God was moving inside me, asking me to go back to see this woman.  Challenging me – “will you reach out and love another… you used to… will you now?” Somehow I did… and as I knelt to see her smile, this precious woman without a face was Jesus with skin on… I saw Jesus in her…  I wanted to be like Jesus and reach out and touch her… and she gave me back so much more than I ever gave her…

In her smile she gave me back my heart… it was as if God picked this woman who lives in the Kingdom of Thailand to hold my heart, because He knew I’d come someday and get it back… See, God was there waiting all along…

I did not write this to share what I did, but I write this to tell you what God did.  He is painting the skies in Asia with his love and is touching the hearts of his children and redeeming their stories… including mine.


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