Catch the Wave



“He has done great things for us, which make us glad.” Psalm 126:3

            The waves were huge, leftover from hurricane that came through a few days ago. The huge waves were the best ones to surf!  Waves after a storm are fantastic to surf compared to everyday, normal waves. We often look at our life as a dreaded wave towering over us.  Instead, we should be waiting for it, surfboard in hand, eager to ride the wave through life’s journey. 

            When we are looking at the difficulties of life, we lose sight of the goodness of God.  All we can see are the problems.  We must try to look beyond the problems, to God, who is in control of every situation in life, and has proven Himself to be faithful in past situations. 

            As we deal with the issues of life, we need to begin to look for the ways God is good to us, and actively remember those ways.    I Chronicles 16:12 says, “Remember His marvelous works that He has done….”  What better way to take our eyes off the difficulties of life than to focus them on the faithfulness of God. We also need to pass on to others the faithfulness that God showed us.  Psalm 126:3 is a praise to God for bringing the nation of Israel out of captivity.  It is called a Psalm of Ascents because as they are ascending the mountain to the temple, they are singing this song for the entire world to hear.

            Ride the wave of your journey through life, recounting the goodness of God and your focus will change from fear of the trials on the journey, to faith in the goodness God has shown you on the journey.

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  1. Linda said,

    January 10, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    I’ve been thinking lately that we need to recount to eachother how God has been good to us for mutual encouragement. It’s ironic that you should post this. A girlfriend of mine was telling me about her “God is good” journal that she writes in daily. She goes back and reads it when she’s going through a down time.

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